Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Invitations and Testing the Waters

If you got an invitation, CONGRATULATIONS! Feel free to test out posting pictures. If you are interested and need an invitation, send me an email. All posts made prior to Jan 1 will be deleted on Jan 1 so we can start our 365 day project. So feel free to pratice as you need to. The only request I make when you post is that you add a label to your post with your name. That way, when I get the labels tag working on the blog, we can sort it by our own posts. Cool? Awesome!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rules of the Game

So if you here you are probably interested in participating in the 365 project. A lot of you are asking questions, so here's my answers:

*Do I have to take a picture everyday?
I can't MAKE you take a picture every day, but that's kind of the point of the project. It'll be much more fun if you try to take a picture everyday, but if you miss a few days, it's okay. I won't kill you. (yet.)
*What can I take pictures with?
You can take the picture with a camera, your phone, your iphone, your video camera that takes pictures. Whatever your preferred method is.
*What should I take pictures of?
Whatever you want to. It can be of yourself doing something exciting, a place you went, something crazy you ate, or an artistic photo. Whatever you want. Photos can also be digitally enhanced if you so desire. Just make sure you take one picture a day.
*How exactly are we going to do this?
Well part of the purpose of this project is to stay in touch with people, so I'd like us all to share the pictures. I have created this blog for us all to see each others pictures. I am thinking the best way would be for you to upload your pictures to Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, whatever your preferred photo management is and then post the link to the picture as a post. You can then give it a title, tell about the inspiration for the picture, or write nothing at all. IMPORTANT: Before you publish your post, add a label with your name on it. That way, if someone is interested in seeing only your pictures, they can pull that up. You may also add whatever photos you see fit. If that is too difficult, I *might* even be willing to post the picture for you on the blog if needed.
*How often do we need to post?
I know life is crazy so probably not everyone can post everyday. Try to at least post once a week so we don't get behind. For example, take pictures Sunday through Saturday and then post them on Sunday when you are done after the week.

Um, is that all? Any other questions? Let me know and we will start FRIDAY! Yay!