Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 152~"Closet Makeover"


My closet shelf fell down after eleven years and I decided to redo my closet. The first picture shows whats left of the holes in the wall and the picture on the right is the finished closet without the doors on it. I am now going to work on my bedroom closet. YAY!!! :)
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Kristen: 151/365

Mike : Photo 365-151

365-151, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mike : Photo 365-150

365-150, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

ok.. I know it is a picture of a picture, but it is getting late and I needed to do something. so a picture of me posting pictures seemed fitting.

Kristen: 150/365

Favorite pictures for May...

So I have been horrible this month at downloading pictures and posting them on here--I will blame the veggie garden and flower beds they are so needy!! Anyway here are a few of my favorite pictures I took this month. Hope to get to posting daily pictures in June!

Day 151~"Keven Rocks It"


This is my nephew, Keven, and he sings AC/DC's "Shook Me" after midnight at the Thirsty Horse Saloon. He's really good, too! :)
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mike : Photo 365-149

365-149, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

My water cart made from a re-purposed hose reel cart.

Kristen: 149/365

ice cubes, freshy dusted with peach tea mix

Day 150~"Our Family Tree"


So my grandmother's birthday was on May 28th and every year, her fourteen children and their descendants celebrate her birthday even though she passed from this life ten years ago! My dad, Jack Reynolds, took me to the Alphin Cemetery in Midway, Texas and this is in front of her and my grandfather Milton's headstone...My name is listed along with all of my brothers, sisters and first cousins (Connie Gayle Reynolds)...
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 149~"A Midway Sunset"


I took this picture in the front yard of my Uncle Reed and Aunt Betty Ann's house in Midway, Texas. It was a beautiful sunset!
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Mike : Photo 365-148

365-148, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

Oops! almost forgot again.

Kristen: 148/365

rustic ambiance: check

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mike : Photo 365-147

365-147, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

My setup for taking pictures of the birds

Kristen: 147/365

Individual shot of my husband when we went in for church directory pictures

Jenna. May 27. It's not easy being green.

Last week was Colby's last week of preschool. This week he has been attending Art Camp every morning from 9-12. We are all tired from having to wake up and be somewhere, when school is over. I've been begging him to take a nap, but he insists he's not tired. [I know he's tired, because I'm tired, and he is grumpy, which makes me grumpy too.]

Today I walked in the hallway to find this.

[Actually, I didn't see this first, I heard him snoring and knew he was out like a.. frog?]

Colby had put on his frog costume and was hopping all around the house while his sisters slept. But, even frogs need a rest sometime.

Only one of those sets of eyes was open.

What a funny kid.

Jenna. May 26. Matching Tails.

My pretty girls in pigtails.

Jenna. May 25. Ice cream truck.

The girls and I met Leah and her boys at the mall this morning, by Kennedy's request. They rode in the [toy] ice cream truck together. For a long time. I didn't complain though, because at least they weren't playing on the filthy carpet.

And it looks like Carlee has been sampling some chocolate ice cream...

Jenna. May 24. Kitchen Paint.

I think this might be my favorite room in the house - mostly because I'm in there a lot, but also because I really really love the color.

I'll give you this link to a Before pic (notice the wallpaper - there was also a matching border with the grapes and vines).

[And oh em gee Carlee has changed a Lot in 4 months' time, yes?]

Here's after. [Breakfast nook, Left]

[Breakfast nook, Right] - whoever came up with the word Nook must have been a Dr. Seuss fan...

[The rest of the kitchen, in all its glory.]

Color: Wedgwood Gray for Pottery Barn by Benjamin Williams

Day 148~"Clint Made It!!!"

So I now have THREE Eagle Scouts. Clint had his Eagle scout board of review and passed with flying colors...we are SOOOOO proud of him!!! We will have his Eagle Court of Honor sometime this fall and you are ALL invited!!!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 146~"Cactus Bloom Without the Bloom!"


The guys were practicing in the hill country outside Bandera, Texas with recording artist Charlie Montague while I was taking pictures of the ranch. I wish I could have seen the bloom for this cactus plant.
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Mike : Photo 365-146

365-146, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

Out little juvenile female cardinal that visits.

Kristen: 146/365


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 145~Starlight, Starbright..."


The first star I see tonight!... :)
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Kristen: 145/365

taking Mike's ideas

Mike : Photo 365-145

365-145, originally uploaded by mike_svatek.

Amanda: Day 144. Crossed Lines.

From Amanda's 365 Project

Do you ever sit at a stop light and wonder about how much electricity travels through these lines? And how far it has to come to get to you? I do.

Amanda: Day 143. Sunday Afternoon Show and Tell.

From Amanda's 365 Project

Sunday afternoon show and tell. My favorite part of the weekend! It's where we get to show off all the hard work we did this weekend. For those of you in the band know how, we learned 32 pages of drill, which was all of the opener AND put music to it. My brain seriously hurt at the end of Saturday evening. But I was so proud of them on Sunday!

Amanda: Day 142. No Box 5?

From Amanda's 365 Project

A small drum corps nerd joke. When you receive a score in drum corps, it's either Box 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, Box 5 being the best. Well these boxes were in the Home Ec room during our drum corps camp. It was just slightly ironic and funny to me. I know, I'm a nerd.

Amanda: Day 141. NEW EVERYTHING!!!

From Amanda's 365 Project

From Amanda's 365 Project

Tonight was the unveiling of our new drums, horns and uniforms for Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps. It was an awesome night!

Amanda: Day 140. Deliciousness.

From Amanda's 365 Project

What better way to celebrate friends than with Chili's chips and salsa and margaritas?