Thursday, January 20, 2011

rashidah - day 13

Tron. 3D

rashidah - day 12

Ya'll are probably going to have a great idea of what my room looks like before the end of the year comes around.

The drawing by the window was given to me Christmas 2008. Apparently my old roommate painted it on one couch while I was asleep on the other one. And the black and white photo is my new 2011 calendar for this year.

Oh, and in that trunk, under the dvd player, under the tv, under my timbuk2 bag are all my old candy grams from BHS. Not a clue where my high school diploma is though.

rashidah - day 11

My friend Leila came home from working in Honduras for the last 6 months to visit for a week before she had to get back. These are some of the yummy plantains she made. This was before she almost started a grease fire, but we won't get into that.

rashidah - day 10

I met these two gentleman while watching the Oregon Ducks play that other team... auburn I think at a bar on campus. After the game was over, I asked the guy in the white hat if I could take his picture. To be fair, he was smiling and then apparently decided right when I pressed the button that he shouldn't because his mouth was full of hot tamales (the candy) and he would look like a chipmunk. His friend asked why I was taking a photo of white hat guy.

I explained and he said that his friend was a terrible picture subject and I needed to take another, of him. This is what he gave me.

He may or may not have been a little intoxicated at the time.

rashidah - day 9

Day 8 is on a friend's camera. I'll have to wait until she finally uploads it and sends it to me to share with ya'll.

On to day 9.

This little guy is the creation of one of my housemates. I found him on the kitchen table waiting for his paint coat to dry. Tyler said she made it out of some substance that allows you to mold it until you bake it, and then it hardens.

rashidah - day 7

This is at Samara's (on left of screen) birthday party. It was pretty brilliant. I learned a new game, fishbowl, that I will now try to get my friends to play incessantly until they are no longer my friends and I have to ask strangers to play it with me. I'll probably be thrown in jail for being weird, though.

rashidah - day 6

Sorry ladies and gents, I'm a little behind.

This is my awesome friend, Laura. This is how we spend our time hanging out in the mall for no real reason. Later we stared at rocks for what seemed like an hour. They were pretty rocks. Anywho, my birthday is on Friday the 13th this year and I'm throwing around the idea of having a masquerade party for it. Hence the time spent in the wicked cool mask shop.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amanda: Day 17. Warmth.

From 2011 365 Project
Pasadena, TX.

Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows? Don't mind if I do!

Amanda: Day 16. Throwback.

From 2011 365 Project
League City, TX.

I was in a show home today and being nosy, I looked in one of the closets. Lo and behold, this game was in there! Whoever would keep Pretty Pretty Princess in the closet is insane.

Amanda: Day 15. Busy Hands.

From 2011 365 Project
Pasadena, TX.

There's a funny thing percussionist do whenever presented with free time, a percussion instrument and mallets. They have an instinctive urge to pick them up and play. No percussionist can overcome it. The power is too great.

Amanda: Day 14. Writing Drill.

From 2011 365 Project
Pasadena, TX.

As some of you may know, I teach indoor drumline in the spring. Most of the time I love it, but writing drill is my least favorite part.

Amanda: Day 13. City Lights.

From 2011 365 Project
Houston, TX.

"Deep city lights,girl could get lost tonight..."
This song gets stuck in my head each time I travel through a big town.

From 2011 365 Project

Here's a different perspective of the same view above. Just in case you were wondering.

Amanda: Day 12. Charlie Montague.

From 2011 365 Project
San Antonio, TX.

This is Charlie Montague. He's a new Texas artist who puts on an amazing live show. You should check his tunes, I'd highly recommend him.

Amanda: Day 11. Employee of the Week.

From 2011 365 Project
Schertz, TX.

I was different from most teenagers in that I didn't get my license when I was 16. Or when I was 17. Not that I was scared to drive, I just didn't need it. I had enough friends that drove so driving wasn't a neccesity for me. But by the time I was 18, I was itching to get my license. My cousin is also 18 and also doesn't have his license. I know he doesn't get much opportunity to practice, so when I visit I try to make sure we get a chance to go. Tonight, we drove to the local school and practiced parking. I'd call out a labeled spot and he'd have to park there. This was by far my favorite one of the night.

Amanda: Day 10. Comfort.

From 2011 365 Project
Bryan, TX.

This is my headboard on my bed at my mom's house. I've had this been since I was a little girl. It was an old family member's and my mom stripped and refinished it. I absolutely love it. After traveling all over Texas and the country, I can honestly say that when I sleep in my bed, I get the best sleep!

Amanda: Day 9. Waiting.

From 2011 365 Project
Navasota, TX.

This puppy's face broke my heart. He was waiting patiently in the car next to me at McDonald's. I just wanted to break in the car and steal him away with me.

Amanda: Day 8. Perfection.

From 2011 365 Project

Getting that perfect little twist of the ice cream cone can bring so much joy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jenna. Dec 31. NYE Nap.

I spent the day on the couch, watching football and movies and recovering from foot surgery. Carlee also joined me for a nap. Sweet girl.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jenna. Dec 30. Pretty Princess.

Jenna. Dec 29. Food Art.

In honor of my third (and final) foot surgery tomorrow, I took the kids and met Alicia and Amanda for lunch at Rosa's today. Rosa's tacos are super yummy. And, they serve tortillas and honey with every order. Colby asked Amanda to use honey and draw a picture of a car on his tortilla. I'd say she gets an A for her Tortilla and Honey Art Project.

Jenna. Dec 28. Cute!

Carlee's cute face.

Jenna. Dec 27. Shopping.

We were the glad recipients of several gift cards this Christmas. One was for JCPenney, which is not a very big store in our area. So we decided to meet up with Grandmom at the North East Mall.

Kevin wanted to pick out a new hat. He says his head gets cold because he doesn't have any hair. Kennedy tried this one on. Silly girl.

Jenna. Dec 26. Christmas Travels.

Merry Christmas from DFW! We went to church at home and then made the drive after lunch to get to Kevin's parents' house. We spent the afternoon and evening with his parents, his sister + husband and their 3 boys.

The kids would hardly hold still and again I didn't get any other pics than this one.

Kristen: 16/365

I figure, if Jenna can share pictures of her FrankenFoot, I can get away with showing my developing stretch marks. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jenna. Dec 25. Christmas Day.

Kennedy took that pic and unfortunately it's the only picture I have from my phone of that day. I know Kevin took some with his camera. We spent the day at various gatherings. Breakfast was just the 5 of us at home; we opened our presents, played with our presents, and ate Butter Braids - yum! (Colby's school fundraiser) Lunch was a Christmas feast at my uncle Philip's house with my dad's extended family, and then dinner was [by request] spaghetti and meatballs at my parents' house with my parents and sisters.

The weather turned a little cooler today, so it was nice to sit by the fire and enjoy Christmas in a sweater instead of in shorts, which was what we had been wearing since last week. Although, it was nice to let the kids go outside and play on the trampoline every day instead of worrying about having to pick up their toys inside. Plus, now they have new toys to play with, since it's Christmas!

Jenna. Dec 24. Christmas Lights.

I love driving around to look at Christmas lights. Kevin and I took the kids in their pajamas after dinner tonight. I also took a cup of my favorite fruit wassail. Here's the recipe, I got from a friend at MOPS.

1 can frozen orange juice
1 bottle (64 oz.) cranberry juice
1 large can pineapple juice
12 whole cloves

Heat together on the stove.

Jenna. Dec 23. At the car wash!

Sing it with me!

Jenna. Dec 22. Repurposing.

What's in those margarine & sour cream containers, you ask?

Well, you might have guessed from reading what I wrote on the top that they hold our snacks for the day. I needed something for the car ride around town. So I eventually found these containers, which were the perfect size for the goldfish and cheez-its.

Might not be revolutionary for some, but I do love reusing and repurposing things I might ordinarily have thrown away.

Kristen: 5/365

compare this to 14 weeks ago

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kristen: 14/365

5 years ago I married this man: I love this amazing and patient man. I feel sorry that the rest of you don't have your own Justin.

Jenna. Dec 21. Cookie Decorating.

A friend from church was so kind to invite us over for some Christmas cookie decorating. I know the kids enjoyed playing in the icing, eating the icing, and then dousing the cookies with sprinkles. And I enjoyed eating.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kristen: 12/365

our address book. Yes, that is rejected motherboard.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kristen: 11/365

The plastic accordian folder I bought at the Target Dollar spot to hold notes from the day care centers we visit.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kristen: 10/365

this is the spot where the christmas tree used to be. it's so empty now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jami 2011 - Tenshi

This is Tenshi. She loves her dog bed and I can’t get Maggie anywhere near the other one.

Jami 2011 - Chai Tea Explosion

Some things just don’t go as planned.... oh well!

Jami 2011 - Cotton Bowl

We watched the game with Jay’s family, including his LSU cousin. We also got to meet this cutie! Jay’s mom found this little gal abandoned on a back country road. She is only 10 weeks old and so sweet! No need to mention anything more about the cotton bowl.

Jami 2011 - Baker Ln

My maiden name is Baker. (if you zoom in you can see the street is Baker Ln) This happens to be the street that my grandparents lived on and that empty sign is where the J Bar Ranch sign once hung and how I knew where to turn. I miss that place.

Jami 2011 - Maggie’s Safe Haven

When Maggie gets scared, nervous or just bored she goes to hang to hang out in the bathtub.

Jami 2011 - Stray Dogs

While I was out cleaning my car these two guys wondered up. Turns out they live a street over and their mom was happy to get them back along with their brother that showed up about 2 hours later.

Jami 2011 - Roses

I have a brown thumb but I can grow roses in the winter!

Jami 2011 - Puzzles

Part of our New Year’s Resolution is to spend less time in front of the TV and computer. So we have really enjoyed putting puzzles together in the evenings after dinner.

Jami 2011 - New Truck

We bought a new truck to start off the New Year. It was out Christmas gift to each other and I can’t wait to start tailgating in it this fall!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kristen: 8/365

The chandelier at a wedding reception created undulating shadows.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Amanda: Day 7. Kettle Corn.

From 2011 365 Project

Dear Kettle Corn, I just discovered that Bucee's sold you. Up until now, I've always looked the other way, passing you up for beaver nuggets. I must say, I'm truly sorry for ignoring you. I am also sorry for eating half the bag of you too.