Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10

I had to post 2 pics for today. Took a hike this morning through Runyon Canyon which is on the north side of Hollywood. There are some breathtaking views of LA at the top of the hill. The right pic is a view of the Hollywood sign (kinda blurry) but it's crystal clear in person. This pic makes it look a lot farther than it really is. You can also see some of the houses positioned on the hills owned by Hollywood execs and stars. The left pic is a view of downtown LA. The pollution wasn't too bad today.
For my introduction, as I said before, I live in LA. It's been exactly a year since moving here from Dallas. I moved out here to take a job with a small biotech company which was purchased by Johnson & Johnson in July, so now I work for their research and development unit as a clinical auditor. It's been a rewarding job so far as it's allowed me to travel the world for free. Other than that, I spend a lot of time with friends going to clubs, bars and movies. We do a lot of local travel to cities like San Diego for the weekends. One day I hope to move there.

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  1. I went hiking there too when I was in LA!!! It's an awesome hike and amazing view!