Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17

back in bryan, we used to have a college minister that said, "home is where your underwear is." soooo, here is my underwear's home! this dresser belonged to my mom's brother, and then my mom, and i remember it sitting in my grandparents' house where jenna and i used to sleep when we spent the night with them. then i don't remember what happened to it between my 8th year of life and 22nd year of life, but i've had it for the last 4+ years and i'm really glad i have something from that side of my family. [edit: jenna and i did not sleep IN the dresser. this dresser was in the ROOM in which we slept.]


  1. I like this idea! Good job on the theme! PS - the drawer set was in my closet from age 8 to age 22.