Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17~"A Victorian Lady"


This is A Victorian Lady Inn, a B&B located near downtown San Antonio that we spent the night at last night. It was built in 1898 back when San Antonio was centered around the Alamo and the river--it was quaint and very beautiful!!! Notice in the middle bottom picture the "orb" that I snapped while taking a picture of the extensive woodwork in the ceiling? I was told by the owners that the house may be haunted by a female who had been a lady-in-waiting to the original owner's wife of the house, but they had not actually seen her or any ghostly activities since they have owned the inn. However, the previous owners said that they had. FYI, my camera has NEVER taken picture orbs--OOOOOOEEEEEEOOOOO (scary music)!!!
PS: I added this before seeing Amanda's theme week post, but this kind of falls into the same theme. It's not my home, but it is a home near my home! :)
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