Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Days 1-5...

Hey everybody!! I think I know most of you, so I won't post a self-portrait right now, seeing as how I look like a bum at the moment. Sorry I'm late on the bandwagon, but hopefully the photos will justify my lateness...

Day 1:

This is my iced tea as my dad and I are sitting outside in Keystone, CO. The tea was actually freezing in the glass... you can see little accumulations around the cup. I was studying and he was reading while Jenna and Kevin were skiing. I love Keystone!

Day 2:
My fireplace at my parent's house. I'm still not quite sure how to best use the flash on my new camera, so.... yeah. And the date is incorrect... I'll get around to reading that instruction manual soon enough...

Day 3:

My poinsettia arrangement at my apartment. I hate taking down Christmas decorations, so I haven't yet. Plus, I just got back to my apartment yesterday, so I haven't taken the time to un-decorate yet.

Day 4:
Books. This week we have to take board qualifying exams so that we can take the national boards later in the spring. SO, that means we have to be prepared to pass comprehensive exams in six subjects this week (first week after Christmas break, btw...): Chemistry, Microbiology and Public Health, General Anatomy, Spinal Anatomy, Pathology, and Physiology. The Biochem test this morning did NOT go as well as I had hoped... so naturally I'm posting this rather than studying for my test tomorrow... :-) Don't worry, I'm much more comfortable with microbial organisms than nasty chemistry... bleh.

Day 5:

These are my new toys!! We get to take Physical Exam and Diagnosis this spring, so that means we get to play with fun stuff like an orthoscope (looking in ears and nose), ophthalmoscope (eyes), and sphygmomanometer (taking blood pressure and listening to heart-beats). There's also a thermometer, tape measure, tuning forks, reflex hammer, and other stuff. I'm excited about this class!!


  1. Yay for posting! Way to use your doctor terminology on everyone!

    (Your pictures are all jacked up. Let me know if you need help with that.)

  2. Don't listen to amanda. I would call them catywhompus instead of jacked up :Þ

  3. we use tuning forks to test for hearing imbalances (neurological deficits) and fractures.... although the thought of a tuning fork near a fracture makes me cringe a whole lot...

    and i actually meant "otoscope", not orthoscope. that would be cool, but alas, we cannot do orthoscopic procedures...