Friday, January 8, 2010

Days 6-8

Day 6:

This is the program from my church's Christmas program this past year. It was wonderful and the program is beautiful, so I want to keep it in a special place..... but I don't know where to put it. So for right now it's sitting on a special stool/chair in my living room. I put it on the floor to get a better picture (Kevin is cringing, I just know it...).

Day 7:

This is my duck. Her name is Daisy. I got her several years ago and she has sentimental value, but again, I really don't know what to do with her. Suggestions would be helpful.

Day 8:
my new French Press coffee maker!! I'm so excited to make freshly-ground kona coffee in it. it just came today, but i'm going to have to wait until sunday because i'm visiting my parents tonight.

at this point, some of you may be wondering if i ever get to leave my apartment and see things in the outside world. yes, i DO get to visit the great beyond, but i'm spending between 35-38 hours a week at school right now, and then i come home and study. sooooo, that means that i'm getting to school when it's mostly dark and leaving when it's almost dark again. doesn't make for good outside pictures. maybe next week things will settle down and you'll see more than just the random objects in my apartment. until then, happy weekend!!

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    We are in the same boat in one aspect: we don't see our homes in daylight during the week.