Monday, January 4, 2010

For those who don't know, I am working on my PhD in Nutrition. That being said I will eat greasy hamburgers and french fries with the best of them. Savory foods are my weakness as opposed to sweets. Though I have come a long way from my obsessive compulsive self from my freshman year in college, some obsessions still remain when it comes to eating. One of these said things is my problem with drinking calories. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy drinking beer, but for some reason, a regular fountain drink brings me to my knees. This becomes evident when I order a fountain drink and someone else prepares it. "Is this really diet?" "If I drink the whole thing, and it's not diet, I will have consumed 400-500 kcals just from my drink! Oh man!"

Well today we went by Sonic on my way out of town. I had my heart set on a DIET Dr. Pepper with vanilla. There was a bit of confusion during ordering, two drinks were ordered, and two drinks came out. Both were supposed to be diet, one was not, but which one was it or were they both regular Dr. Pepper (god forbid, I know)?? Well the bottom line is, after asking everyone to try it to see what they thought, I threw mine


  1. MEGA boo. Isn't it somewhere in your nutrition books that if you don't KNOW it's a regular drink (as opposed to diet) that the calories don't count? I'm pretty sure that's in there somewhere.

  2. I think it should be! At least the guilt is gone if you didn't know.