Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 22, 2010


Stella laying "under the sea" in her new ... well I can't recall what this contraption is called, but it has all kinds of sea animals that I have named Terry the Turtle, Ole the Octopus, and Wally the Whale :)

January 23, 2010


I took this picture on my way home tonight - I see this everytime I go to College Station for class and I find it very interesting for some reason. Historical note Todd Mission was founded and was once occupied by a large number of people of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons as they are more commonly known. From now on I think I will take a picture of something interesting on my way to College Station on Saturdays.

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  1. I did not know that about Todd Mission and I've taken that road a hundred times! Good job!