Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jenna. Day 14. For Ashley.

I met my dear friend Ashley when we went to A&M together. We had Every. Single. Class together our freshman year - out of pure coincidence. (Or was it divine?) We also sat together in church and Breakaway. One of those many times, she wrote this to me and placed it in my Bible. [We had such a loving relationship; back when it was cool to call each other bros and hos... so we changed it to 'shmo'.] I've used the same Bible for the past 10 years but haven't seen this in a couple. I had it "hidden" in 2 Kings - apparently I don't read much there. Now I think I'll hide it somewhere else and see how long it takes me to find it.


  1. Just curious, is Ashley following on here?

  2. Nope not here, although maybe she is? But she def. reads my blog.