Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kristen: 2/365

This afternoon, we met with my family-in-law to take professional family portraits. Here is my husband (blue polo), his siblings and parents getting set up for a casual pose. The rest of the couples (me, sister-in-law's husband and brother-in-law's fiance) were waiting this one out. Our photgrapher was an oddball. I believe Justin was told to "Stradle her [sister] like a pony."


  1. Um, awkward much? And Daryl is engaged? Where have I been?!?

  2. Ok isn't it kind of weird that you aren't in this picture with your HUSBAND?
    *I'm bitter a bit much because neither Jenna or my family has a picture with the bride and groom from our wedding.*

  3. There are LOTS more pictures (on my facebook) of all of us, don't worry.

    Amanda, Daryl got engaged in March, but it was a low-key engagement without an engagement ring.