Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mike : 365 - 10

finally... my gearPhoto 365-10365-10
I finally switched to digital in the fall of '08. I really loved my film camera, but it was getting harder and harder to get pictures of the girls. Film gets expensive. So now I can just fill up a memory card and pick the shots to get printed. While I really like my DSLR, I think most of my pics will sadly come from my iPhone. I will make it a goal to only use iPhone pics if there is no way to get or use my camera in time. So there it is...

and now for something completely different. Hi, I'm Mike. I'm 36 (wow.. seems old saying that) and live in Plano with my wife Vanessa and two girls Gwyneth (6) and Alyssa (4). I went to ATM ('96) and received a degree in Engineering Technology. I met Amanda through my sister (Kristen). umm... I'm not very good at verbalizing or typing my thoughts ( I actually had to re-type that sentence 3 times). I enjoy taking pictures, playing soccer, logic puzzles, cycling.. hmmm.... ok .. panic.. thank you?

pic bonus...Photo 365-10.2
A car that was painted up like a nerds candy box.

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