Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Introduction Day

Long story short. This weekend we replaced our water heater. In the process, the valve on our outside gas meter broke/shattered, sending large amounts of natural gas into the area. I evacuated, on foot, with the animals while Brian and his dad waited for Atmos and the fire department to come. Thankfully, there were no explosions and no one was hurt or killed (hey, it could have happened). I told you this because it is my excuse for not having a self portrait for Introduction Day. I hadn't taken a shower since the Wednesday before due to no water at the house. Gross. Right right, long story short....

I am Anne. I am married to Brian and cousin to John. Amanda and I went to high school together, but became best of friends in college (especially when we suffered through management together) and beyond. I am truly thankful for her friendship and feel so blessed to have her in my life (seriously).

My excuse for poor quality pictures is they are all taken with my iPhone, but I know someone with true talent could do great things even with a cell phone. This one is extra special because it was taken in my car visor mirror before heading to work. Excellent.


  1. Let's be honest, it was really the camping assignment (and the various stories) that brought us together. :D
    I am so thankful for you too!!! I love you!

  2. Just as beautiful as ever, Anne! :)