Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So many people!

Since this project has taken off (quite unlike I expected, but I am SOOO excited about it), this coming Sunday will be introduction day. So if you haven't already, take a self-potrait (or have someone take it for you) and post it on Sunday along with whatever exciting information you wish to include (like where you're from, how you know me, what your favorite cereal is, stock information). Also, what would be cool to note (or take a picture of) is your weapon of choice when shooting your pictures. (Thanks Kevin.) If you don't post a pic, I'll find an embarassing picture of you from facebook and tell all the dirty secrets I know about you. (Okay, maybe not really, but I will find a pic of you and use it.) I think it's really cool that so many people from different areas of my life have come together to do this. I'm really excited about it, all of your pictures are GREAT(!!!) and I hope everyone continues to be this active in 360 days!!!

p.s. That was a lot of parenthesis. (Maybe I should stop doing that.) ;)


  1. I'm here from Kristen's circle of friends. I won't comment much, but I am LOVING seeing all these gorgeous photos from everyone! Just incredible!

    (Also, I don't see anything wrong with parenthesis)

    And I have a blackmail picture proving Kristen paid a DOLLAR to a STRANGER for a kiss. (It might have been at a renfair, and it might have been on the cheek, and it may not even have been paid for, but I have photographic evidence!)

  2. I know this picture of which TamiJean speaks. It is hilarious.

  3. Welcome TamiJean! Please feel free to comment as much (or as little) as you want. I would like to see said picture someday as well. :D

  4. Amanda, I think you need to update the blog tagline... we have more than 15 photographers now (even though they aren't all posting yet?)

  5. I know Kevin. I'm waiting to see this weekend who ends up posting. I'm trying to give everyone a week to catch up and post...and one of them is your wife. ;)