Sunday, January 17, 2010

Theme for January 17-23. Home.

So we'll start theme week. Building after the introduction theme, how about we introduce a little more of our lives. The theme is "Home" and you can take that however you want. It could be your physical house, your neighborhood, your town, your toothbrush, your favorite teddy bear, whatever. You can opt do the theme all week or one day this week. I would encourage you guys to look past the ordinary and try to capture something really neat. (And in the future, I'll try and post on Friday what the theme will be. I just wanted to get in a theme for this week.)

!Importante! Please label your post(s) for this theme with your name AND the label home. The labels are getting too "cluttery" so please keep them to general topics. Each theme will have a label and then perhaps "food," "people," "plants," etc. Just keep them general. Or you don't have to label with anything other than your name. Up to you. On another note, You guys are rocking it out. I REALLY look forward to seeing all the pictures everyday. I am really enjoying being able to see a little bit into your lives everyday.


  1. so is the label "home" or "My Home"?

    Also, I think you should take the liberty to cleanup some of the tags that some (*cough*Alicia*cough*) people are putting on their posts. ;-D

  2. yeah.... i didn't realize that the random tagging would make a difference. sometimes i just put random words that pop into my head in there, so i'll stop doing that....

  3. Let's go with "home." I'll change it. Thanks Kevin!

    And Alicia, yeah, stop doing that. :D