Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amanda: Day 40. Unexpected Guest.

From Amanda's 365 Project

I'm not gonna lie, I plan my pictures sometimes. I had this tree in mind today to capture it's beautiful red berries. I walked up to the tree, set my focus on the berries in the front and took the picture. When I viewed it on my camera, I was greatly upset because the focus had not come out like I planned. But when I looked closer, there was a bird in the frame! Sure enough, a small bird was hiding in the tree. I tried to capture another shot, but he got away too soon. I guess it never really helps to plan because you never know what you are going to see!


  1. This is a lovely tree, so I like your choice there. The bird bit is just fun!

  2. I like it and great shot of the bird too! (sometimes they are very hard to photgraph since they fly away)

  3. I missed the bird at first glance. I just thought it was a pretty tree (and it is!). good job, dude!