Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jenna. Feb 2. Library Books.

I am addicted to the library. This is a small sampling of the books I had in my possession this week. I had to turn a few in already. I love to read and I think the library actually makes you read because there's a deadline/due date. I read different types of genre: kitch lit [GilmoreGirls reference], parenting/self-help, fiction...


  1. I love books and reading and used to go to the library all the time. Now I find myself wanting to keep most of the books I read so I visit the used bookstores and hit their clearance areas!

    How did you like Dear John? thats one on my to read list...

  2. Dear John was okay. I'm interested to see the movie and see if they keep the ending the same. I thought it was very realistic and no explicit sex scenes - which is something I love about Nick Sparks's writing. But not one of his best, I thought. Definitely a page-turner, you won't be disappointed, but not his best. :)