Monday, February 1, 2010

Month 2, Day 32, Where is Everyone?

I know taking pictures everyday is hard in itself, not to mention uploading them. I know I've been guilty recently of not uploading often enough. But I think though the more we upload and comment on each other, the easier it is to stay motivated. We've had some pretty awesome pictures in the past thirty one days. Just think you've already finished ONE WHOLE MONTH!!! Some crazy percussion instructors I had in high school used to tell me that it takes 29 days to start a new habit (I think) so (hopefully) by now, you're in the habit of taking pictures everyday.

Next week, in honor of Valentine's Day, the theme will be the color red. So use your imagination, go wild, think outside the box. If you find yourself stuck this week, check this awesome article that Kevin posted last week. I hope to see you all continue this next month. And if you've fallen behind, don't give up!!! Just pick up where you left off and keep taking pictures!

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