Saturday, February 27, 2010

Amanda: Day 58. Unexpected Surprises.

From Amanda's 365 Project

Ever have one of those really bad days? The days that you just need to walk away from what is happening and go? Yeah, today was that day. So I did just that. I walked away and got in my car and drove. As I was calming down, I saw this crane in a ditch. He was so elegant and beautiful that I had to turn around and catch him. However, he was not as interested in me as I was in him. This is as close as I got before he flew away. But his beauty and grace had a very (surprising) calming effect. Then as I was going through my pictures for the day, I realized the church sign in the background. That was definitely what I needed right at that moment!

p.s. the other things that help me not kill people calm me...Pat Green and a diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

From Amanda's 365 Project

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  1. Thank God for his creation of vanilla flavoring and bless the Sonic marketing person who got it on the menu!