Monday, March 22, 2010

Anna: March 22--Meet Gordy

As I said before--we live in a zoo and eventually you will get a chance to meet all the critters that share our home.

This is one of our eight ferrets--Meet Gordy :)

We got Gordy a couple of years ago from the pet store--he was discounted due to his size--a young ferret but HUGE and nobody wanted him. After holding and playing with him we decided to take him we were getting ready to do the paperwork he bit me and drew blood. The cashier freaked out and thought we would change our mind about him. Luckily the bite didn't bother me--with other ferrets at the house I was used to them.

Gordy loves the rest of the ferret family and his food--he can often be seen hogging the food bowl--luckily there are 4 other ones the rest of the ferrets share!


  1. I've never met a ferret in person. Gordy has a beautiful coat and he sounds fiesty!

  2. He is -and he's the biggest ferret we eveer had, its like owning a small cat :)