Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy March!

(So I'm a little behind, let's just pretend that didn't happen.) I'm so happy that most of you are still posting! Woo! We've made it 59 days and counting. AND we have over 500 posts, in case anyone takes note of that! I'm still excited about this and I get all giddy and filled with joy when I see a new post, so I'm going to thank you guys again for sticking with it! We haven't had a theme in a while, so I'm open to suggestions for this month. One trend I've come across would actually be an implement for the rest of year (as always, only if desired). It's called "Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday" or GPOYW for short. I promise I didn't make it up, google it.

As for themes, I'm leaving that up to you guys. So throw out your best theme idea, discuss someone's else's suggestion and then we'll pick by Sunday, 3/7 and then the theme will be in effect the following week (3/14-3/20). Got it? Awesome!


  1. I've been thinking about themes lately.

    - Stripes, or patterns, not on fabric but found in shadows, perspective, object placement, etc.

    - Hand-me-downs, or other used items given to you by friends and family

    - Shadow puppets

    - holes

    If none of these themes get chosen, I'll do them anyway. ha!

  2. Ok, Lauren commented on her picture with the hebrew magnet letters. We could have an educational theme where we try to teach some small factoid with a single picture. that could be REALLY fun depending on the factoid and how the photographer sets it up.

  3. Something green for St. Patricks day...

  4. I agree with Anne. I was thinking of easier subjects with the monthly theme in keeping with holidays of that month...i.e., red for Valentine's Day in the month of February, etc. I know that it's not a creative idea, but our subjects could be! I really enjoyed trying to find something red to shoot everyday for Valentine's week!!