Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kristen: 80/365

I'm doing a personal theme this week: Handed-Ons. it'll be a week of items people have handed on to me. I wouldn't consider them all hand-me-downs, as some have more value than usually associated with that phrase. I wouldn't consider them all passed down, because some are more silly than something associated with the handed down connotation. Let's start off with a fish. Handed On: Carp Plate, given by maternal grandmother.
In some Czech/German/Bohemian culture, carp is served for the Christmas meal. This leads to carp themed dishware. One of my greater grandmothers brought a set to America with her. The set was split up as dishes were given to daughters and granddaughers and passed down. Now I have one! and I've mounted it in our yellow breakfast knook.

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