Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kristen: 83/365

Handed-On: a doorknob; Leg; Mr Salt, Mrs Pepper and Paprika. given by: drumline friend Paul, an empty trashcan, my first best roommate
I keep really odd chotchkies. I decided to put these three in the microwave for an even more interesting setting. (no chotchkies were harmed in the taking of this photo). I doubt my friend Paul remembers finding and then giving me this doorknob back in high school after a band concert. I found this combat action leg in an empty trashcan during Percussion Studio rehearsal in college. The trio from Blue's Clues lived in TamiJean and my dorm room for a semester and we would sing along to the 'healthy snacks' tune. She gave them to me after we graduated and I love them.


  1. cute--love the salt and pepper shakers :)

  2. question: do you actually keep salt, pepper, and paprika in them? i love this collection of items!

  3. Paprika hungry!
    Healthy snacks! Healthy snacks! We love to eat (YUM!) healthy snacks! Carrots, banana, and celery too! We love to eat healthy snacks, don't you!

    May I never forget that song. <3

  4. but we changed the 'celery' to 'strawberries'!

    Alicia, they are not functional spice containers. there are two buttons you can push for sound. TamiJean has shared them above!