Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outside the apartment!

I am woefully behind, but here are a few pictures that I've taken over the last week. On Sunday afternoon, I went home (Bryan) to have birthday dinner with my family. I left straight from church and made it in time for the baseball game Sunday afternoon. These are the coach's sons giving high-5s after the game. They are SO cute! Jace is ~10, and Max is ~5. This is Max's first year to "help" the team, and it's REALLY funny to watch these two fight next to the dugout.

Remember this kid's name (John Stilson). He's our super fantastic closer. In over 20 innings of work this season he's given up only two runs and two hits. He has a 99 mph fastball and a curveball that is unbelievably wicked. I really hope that he stays around for a while, but I have a feeling this is his only season with us.

Aggieland on a beautiful day!

4:00 at the oasis. This was Friday afternoon after class. I am really tired of being white enough to scare small children, so I went to sit by the pool. I'm relieved my toes looked nice enough to make the picture.

This was Thursday. A really really crappy day. I was having a near panic attack about my impending dermatology test, and then left my apartment to go take said test and saw these beautiful clouds. A lovely reminder that God is bigger (and much better) than my little problems.

This poor palm tree looks the way I feel most days: frazzled.

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