Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jenna. Apr 22. Just another manic laundry day.

I have a confession to make. I love doing laundry. It's not "fun", per se, but I'll tell you my secret: I wash/dry all the clothes over a few days' time and then I'll save them until Kevin and I can watch our favorite tv shows together. Usually it takes 1-2 shows for me to fold all the clothes you see here. Putting them away is a different story.

[The spot in the middle of the couch is where I sit when I fold. This pic represents 7 loads of laundry. Not pictured is an additional load of clothes I hung up already and a load of underwear I thought I'd spare you from seeing.]

PS - One other organizational thing people always ask me about - each of my kids has a small bin where I'll put their clean clothes when I fold them. I keep this in the laundry room on a shelf above the dryer. That way, if I see a stray article of clothing, I can keep it in the bin without having to walk to their rooms to put it away. Plus, the baskets have taught my older 2 how to take their own clothes to their room and put them away - they do a really great job with help!


  1. I'm the same way--love doing teh laundry just not the putting away part!

  2. I need to come spend a day with you and learn all your mom/organizational secrets! =)

  3. Lauren - I'd love it! But, I am not an expert, by any means. Everything I know I stole from someone else, so I'm happy to share what I do know. Plus, it has taken me a lot of years to know and experience what I've had to with mommy-hood! (Colby will be 5 on Monday. FIVE.)