Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jenna. Apr 4. How old are you?

Dear Kennedy,

I cannot believe 3 years have passed since you came into our arms and warmed our hearts and our lives with your presence. You are a spark of funny and witty and laughter and charm. My days are not complete without hearing just one more giggle from you. I love your sweet kisses and your sweet smile.

I love how much you are learning right now. I don't need to formally teach you because you already know how to do things most 3 year-olds can do. [count, recognize letters, speak in paragraphs and carry on conversations...] It's my opinion that forcing you to learn through workbooks right now would be overkill. Instead, you take cues from what Colby is learning at school and also from the world around you. You are a great helper when we get to go grocery shopping together and a kind friend when we play with other kiddos.

You are a great sister. Your big brother looks to you as a playmate, and your younger sister looks to you for guidance and reassurance. You always keep everyone in line and on track, even if you aren't.

I think the best thing about your birthday this year though, is that you get to share it with the greatest day in our Christian lives. Easter! He is risen! All believers around the world unite to remember their faith. And I will always remember my Kennedy Faith's 3rd birthday. I thank God every day for blessing me with you.



  1. That was sweet...I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. My youngest son, Clint, had a birthday on Easter this year too! Congrats...