Monday, May 24, 2010

Amanda: Day 138. East Meets West.

From Amanda's 365 Project

So remember Barry I told you about? As a present for picking him up from the airport, he gave me and my Aunt Connie a sarong from the Philippines and brought over dried mango. Let me tell you, this was unlike anything I have tasted here in the states. The mangoes from the Philippines taste so much sweeter and richer than the mangoes from Mexico. I have not stopped thinking about them since I ate them last week. Well today I was in HEB and looking in the international food sections for something else and came across these!!! I promptly bought them and (am not proud to say) I ate half the bag in one night. They are delicious. So next time you are in the grocery store, look for dried mangoes from the Philippines, make sure they are all natural, no added sugar. You will thank me later!

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