Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 124~"Beauty & The Beast!"

Is this not GORGEOUS?!!! I found this wonderful old, rusty, forlorn and "beasty-looking" car all alone in a beautiful field of different wildflowers in my travels today and HAD to stop and take about 300 photos of it! :)



  1. I know...I couldn't BELIEVE it! It was in a field ALL by itself and completely surrounded by these amazing wildflowers!!! I ended up getting chiggers and ant bit, but it was DEFINITELY worth it... :)

  2. Okay two questions:

    1) What route did you take home?

    2) Is the second picture a crop or an actual picture?

  3. I took I10 home from Beaumont and NO the second pic is not cropped. But I will tell you where this was taken again...at the Buc-cee's exit in Luling, TX, east access road just a little ways down. You have to check it out some time!!!

  4. beautiful pictures and I love the way the old car looks among the wild flowers--great find!