Friday, May 7, 2010

Jenna. May 5. Cinco de Mayo.

The inside of our house is being painted this week. This is my bathroom, or Exhibit A. You'll notice a very bright green and a somewhat darker green color to the side. This is because the lighter green looked like a very good choice until the very bright 5 pm sun shone through the very bright and very large window in my bathroom. Then, my very good choice became "What in the HECK did I do to my walls?"

(By the way, I distinctly remember a girl in my dorm at A&M whose roommate painted their room this lime green color. She said it looked like the Muppets threw up in there. This girl was Mexican and she said the color was hideous, even to her Fiesta tastes.)

So, our very understanding painters gave me a sample of the darker green and that is what you see here. We will finish this out with brown framed mirrors and new light fixtures, hopefully next week.

I suppose I should give you Exhibit A (before). (In this pic I am standing about 3 steps to the right of where I took the green-on-green pic.)

Do you just love the wallpaper and the halogen light fixtures that left burn spots on my ceiling? I am so glad they are gone!

I'll keep you updated with pretty pictures when other rooms are finished. I cannot tell you how excited I am about all of this getting done.


  1. you don't like the lime green? I FULLY approve of that for a bathroom color!

  2. I do like lime green; it's just not what I was expecting! There's a lot of natural light there, so a brighter color is really too bright. (I have no light fixtures in there right now and can still see during the day..) I like the color it is now a lot better.