Monday, June 7, 2010

Jenna. Jun 6. Smoovies.

One of the best things I love about summer is the availability of fresh fruit. Yummmm. And, then if the fruit gets a little soft (or if you just want to make one!), you throw it in the blender to make a smoothie!

[Just let me know if you're tired of the kid-speak. Kennedy calls them "smoooovies".]

Kevin made this one today with strawberries, orange juice, vanilla yogurt, and then I added a bit of Splenda. He threw it all in the blender and then realized our blender is broken. [Doh!] So he transferred everything into the food processor and made a "roughy". (Get it; smoothie vs. roughy?)

Anyone have a good blender recommendation?


  1. BB&B has a great deal on the Cuisinart blender and mini food processor combo. If you take in the 20% off coupon you will save $20 and then there is a mail in rebate of $20. And it is a great blender!

  2. Thanks, Jami! My mom ended up giving me her old one but I forget that BB&B has those good deals every once in awhile. Gotta love those 20% off coupons. :)