Saturday, June 5, 2010


I just wanted to tell you guys we have two more posts until our 1000th post!!! How crazy is that!?! Six months and about 155 pictures later, I'm still so excited! I can't wait to see who it is either. And I just wanted to say congratulations to those who still post. I love seeing a little glimpse of your life everyday. To those who have fallen off track, don't be afraid to start back in please! You can pick any day to start back up so join the rest of us!!

So I've been thinking of a theme week again. Since most of us have taken a picture of this recently, I thought it would be interesting for us all to do it at the same time. The theme is "Sky." I was originally thinking sunrise and sunsets but after seeing the most amazing clouds today, I decided to expand it and make it a broader category. Now the next question is, would you like to start this Sunday the 6th or next Sunday the 13th? General consensus will win.

(Really, thanks again for doing this with me. I can't tell you how happy I get when you update your pictures!)


  1. I vote next Sunday the 13th, but I will also do what the majority wants.

  2. Sky pictures are my favorite!! I'm not picky I can do when ever :)