Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jenna. Jul 8. Spinach Salad.

Since my AIH diagnosis, I've been trying to eat uber-healthy foods. The steroids I'm on give me the munchies, so I am trying to make every bite count. I talked to my great friend who is a nutritionist and asked her about the number of calories I should be consuming per day, which for my height and weight is about 1250. So, that totally changes how much I should be eating - if you look at the nutrition labels on food, you'll notice that the calories listed are for a 2500 calorie diet. I should be eating fully half of what is printed on the back of those boxes.

With that said, I am thankful that I like to eat fruits and veggies, because I'll be eating a lot of them. Today's pic is what I had for lunch. I lost count of the number of calories [I'm keeping track but not for every single thing yet.], but I really enjoyed it.

- fresh spinach leaves
- fresh sliced strawberries
- pine nuts
- feta cheese crumbles
- raspberry vinaigrette dressing
[baby carrots in the background because I wanted something crunchy]

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