Monday, December 20, 2010

Jenna. Dec 17. Amanda visit + Casserole.

Two very random and completely unrelated things happened today.

[I suppose that's the true definition of random, right?]

Anyway, Amanda came over and borrowed my wireless internet. Don't worry, she gave it back. Then I made the casserole pictured below out of pretty much everything in my freezer. I called it Leftover Casserole. (I wasn't feeling too imaginative.) It had: frozen peas, frozen carrots, cooked pork + carrots, frozen corn, frozen black beans, frozen bell peppers, and frozen orange peppers; layered with tortillas, sour cream & cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed the casserole and it was such a nice way to use up ingredients that I had lingering in my freezer, that would never make a whole recipe of anything else.

Also, Kennedy took this pic of Amanda. Kennedy actually took a couple of pics of Amanda but most were blurry. This was the best one and of course, Amanda's eyes are closed!

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