Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amanda: Day 11. Employee of the Week.

From 2011 365 Project
Schertz, TX.

I was different from most teenagers in that I didn't get my license when I was 16. Or when I was 17. Not that I was scared to drive, I just didn't need it. I had enough friends that drove so driving wasn't a neccesity for me. But by the time I was 18, I was itching to get my license. My cousin is also 18 and also doesn't have his license. I know he doesn't get much opportunity to practice, so when I visit I try to make sure we get a chance to go. Tonight, we drove to the local school and practiced parking. I'd call out a labeled spot and he'd have to park there. This was by far my favorite one of the night.

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  1. I remember doing that with my dad. We practiced in the Texas Hall of Fame parking lot on 2818. We should have practiced backing into spots. I'm still afraid of hitting the other cars and still refuse to do it.