Friday, January 7, 2011

Amanda: Day 7. Kettle Corn.

From 2011 365 Project

Dear Kettle Corn, I just discovered that Bucee's sold you. Up until now, I've always looked the other way, passing you up for beaver nuggets. I must say, I'm truly sorry for ignoring you. I am also sorry for eating half the bag of you too.


  1. What a great photo! Did you just teach yourself about your camera and photography? I am slowly getting away from Auto and have been shooting in manual and I really like it. I'm still having trouble shooting my kids in manual, though. They move too fast!

  2. *Blushes* I'm very much self taught. I've read a lot of websites about photography and even checked out books from the Bryan library. Some of them are outdated, but they'll definitely help you learn about the manual settings on the camera. With shooting in manual, I would start by setting the shutter speed so you don't get too much blur!