Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jenna. Dec 25. Christmas Day.

Kennedy took that pic and unfortunately it's the only picture I have from my phone of that day. I know Kevin took some with his camera. We spent the day at various gatherings. Breakfast was just the 5 of us at home; we opened our presents, played with our presents, and ate Butter Braids - yum! (Colby's school fundraiser) Lunch was a Christmas feast at my uncle Philip's house with my dad's extended family, and then dinner was [by request] spaghetti and meatballs at my parents' house with my parents and sisters.

The weather turned a little cooler today, so it was nice to sit by the fire and enjoy Christmas in a sweater instead of in shorts, which was what we had been wearing since last week. Although, it was nice to let the kids go outside and play on the trampoline every day instead of worrying about having to pick up their toys inside. Plus, now they have new toys to play with, since it's Christmas!

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