Thursday, January 20, 2011

rashidah - day 7

This is at Samara's (on left of screen) birthday party. It was pretty brilliant. I learned a new game, fishbowl, that I will now try to get my friends to play incessantly until they are no longer my friends and I have to ask strangers to play it with me. I'll probably be thrown in jail for being weird, though.


  1. Is fishbowl a card game? boardgame? other type of game? My husband and I like trying new games.

  2. It's more a cross between charades and catchprase. I'll explain it the way we played, but the rules can be altered a bit depending on the number of people participating. there were about 8 or 9 at the party. We each wrote down the names of 4 individuals, folded them in half and placed them in a bowl. The names can be of people or characters. For instance, we had Splinter (from the Ninja turtles), barack obama, jezebel, Jillian Michaels and Bowser. You're also allowed to have repeat names. One round we had 2 obamas and 2 michelle obamams. We then drew for teams after everyone had finished putting in their slips. This way you can't alter your choices based on who's on your team.

    The first round you can say anything you want to get your teammates to guess the name on the slip, except for the name (obviously). this is the catchphrase part. One person from each team has a minute to get as many as they can. Keep the names guessed correctly out of the fishbowl. Then it's the other team's turn. You go back and forth until all the names are out of the fishbowl. Write the number correct each side guessed and put all of the slips back into the bowl.

    Second round is charades. You've now heard all of the names in the bowl. Continue where you left off with your teammates guessing and instead act out the name. this must be done without making any sounds. again, 1 minute goes on the clock and you work your way through the bowl and down the line of teammates until all the names have been drawn. add the number correct from the first round.

    Third and final round. Place all the slips back into the bowl. You've now heard all the names at least twice. One team member sits with their back to the room. You're only allowed to say one word. You may alter the tone and pitch of the word, but you can't change it once you've started. For example, if the name is "Beetoven" you can say "music". However, if someone else wrote down "Brittany Spears", you could say "music" in a very dramatic way to get the point across. One minute per person alternating teams until the bowl is empty. total the points from all three rounds.

    You're not allowed to skip any slip at any time, and if you say the name on the slip at any time your round stops automatically.

    I know it sounds a bit complicated, but once you get started it's really quite fun and fairly simple.

    Let me know if you play it. Oh, and I would alter the number of names each person places into the bowl at the beginning depending on the number of people playing. It can go *really* quickly if there aren't very many names.


  3. Rashidah, that games sounds amazing! I will definately try it out at the next big gathering I go to.