Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1: I'm Back!

So I kind of abandoned this project last year, kind of maybe fell out of love with "having" to do photography, then traveled a lot, re-discovered myself, quit my job, started a new job and relocated to Bryan/College Station. As I was looking back at my pictures, I realize that I am capable to taking really good pictures! So it's 2012 and I'm back! I don't know what I want my end result of this project to be. Part of me wants to only limit myself to my point and shoot camera and part of me wants to get reacquainted with my DSLR. So I don't really know how this is going to turn out, but I'm going to continue to find the beauty in every day life. Hope you enjoy the ride! (Oh, and this year, it'll be just me posting. Sorry for those of you who have done it in the past and I didn't invite. I still love you all!)

So here we go: First Picture shortly after midnight. I went out with the Pasadena Memorial crew (Mark, Wes and Jonathan) and our indoor show this year is Blue, so in honor of that we took blue sno-cone shots. Happy New Year!!! Or rather, HAPPY BLUE YEAR!

From 2012 365 Project
Pasadena, TX.

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  1. These just showed up in my feed reader. Congratulations on starting up again!+