Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21: Job Perks.

From 365 Project: 2013

I've picked up a new job, or hobby, of sorts. I've become an official food writer for a local publication called Maroon Weekly (yaaaaaaaay!). I've been at it for about three weeks and today was my 4th restaurant to review. It just so happened to be a burger and fry place. But not your standard burger and fry place. No. Fries with FRIGGIN Captain Crunch on them! WHAT?!! Lucky me, I got to eat them. And fries with bourbon sauce. And fries with blue cheese, bacon, and mushrooms. And fries covered in twelve cheeses and bbq pork. It was a good thing I ran 3 miles that morning. :) 

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  1. that sounds like an amazing side job to have. Congratulations!