Friday, January 8, 2010

Jenna. Day 6-8. (or 8-6.)

Day 8.

Making snow!

Our friend from church Kim, who is an A&M Med Student, comes over periodically to jump on our trampoline. Today it was way too cold outside, so she brought snow instead. You know the kind they sell in the mall? You add water and it grows in your hand. I think I took the picture too early. But, the kids were impressed.

Kim is wearing a shirt that says "My Parents Think I'm Studying." Love it.

Day 7.

Group Tickle Session.

Meet my kids (L to R)
Carlee. age 14 months.
Kennedy. age 2.5
Colby. age 4.5

Day 6.

Kevin and I went on a date to see Avatar. Didn't like the movie too much but loved the date. I always think the theater looks so neat, all lit up in the dark.

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