Friday, January 8, 2010

Kevin. Day 8. Carlee.

Carlee was eating some really sour grapes tonight, I was trying to catch her face but she just kept laughing at me.


  1. Love it!!! Did you use any effects on this other than changing the color?

  2. Uh, yeah sorta... dropped saturation on all the colors. Increased Vibrance. Dropped exposure a 1/5th of a stop. Added some fill light, increased the black level. Increased brightness and contrast. And finally a vignette.

    So, yeah... ;)

    Any ideas on how to get blogger to email me when I get comments on my posts? I know how to get emails on follow-up when I post (like this one), but not sure how to get emails on the originals?

  3. Oh yeah, this was all done with Lightroom.