Friday, January 8, 2010

Jenna. Week 1 (Edit: Day 1-5).

Wow, Blogger doesn't like formatting at all. I was planning on posting once a week but it won't be pretty... maybe this will change my mind.

Anyway, this picture is actually Day 5. I had made spaghetti for dinner (or "skgettabetty" as my daughter says) and each of my kids ate 2 platefuls. Then after dinner they acted as if they had not eaten anything at all, so their Doc (my dad) let them have strawberry yogurt for dessert.

Day 4.

This is a picture of my kids' handprints. Read the story about it (and see these pics a little prettier) on our blog:

Day 3.

Both my sisters are in the 365 Project. This is my younger sister Alicia. Here she has completed a most masterful turkey basil & zucchini lasagna. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you saw this pic the day I took it and you can see the recipe there too. PS - the lasagna was SUPER tasty.

Day 2.

My posh daughter Kennedy. She's 2.5, going on 16. And she has better fashion sense than I do. (The necklace is a toy, btw.)

Day 1.

Taken in Colorado on our way to the airport. Ice/frost had formed on the windshield and it was cool to see the definition of the snowflakes.


  1. Yay for posting. P.S. If you need help with posting, let me know. Or maybe your husband might know a thing or two about the internet. ;)

  2. Ha! Yeah AFTER I went through the trouble of posting like this, he said, "This is why I post every day." Punk.

  3. Haha, depending on how you upload your pictures, you might need to add
    (page breaks) after it to get the words at the bottom.
    will function just like return, if that will maybe help.