Monday, January 18, 2010

Katrina. post one, take 4... 5... 6...

hey, y'all! for those of you who don't know me, my name is Katrina. i am one of the most technologically un-savvy people you will ever meet. that being said, the hardest part of this challenge for me is going to be uploading the pictures. (and it doesn't help that this computer hates me...)
anyway, i've been out of the state for a while and have just now gotten to a point where i can upload pictures. that being said, i have 18 days of pictures and they're all out of order. i'll try to get them as close as i can, but don't hold me to anything.

day one. starting off on a sad note. this was the day my immediate family left Colorado to go home. i stayed in Co with some extended family. this is my niece hugging my cousin's dog. i say this starts off on a sad note because just a few days later this dog died. =( i decided then that this would be my picture of the day as a tribute to Frisco.

day two (or somewhere around there). soooo i was sick. boo. this was on the wall at the end of my bed. i was told they are Dickens characters.

i got my first duty summons the day i graduated (dec 17, 2009). i tried again and again to log on to the web site to get my assignment and finally, FINALLY logged on. i thought it picture-worthy.

me kicking snow on my aunt's back porch. i love Colorado!

so, ok. the colorado university [ssssss] mascot is the buffaloes. aaaaand my uncle has this hat that he wears when he shovles snow... yeah... i love my family!

right: my cousin Kimberly. left: her (and now my) friend Jessica. on our way to the grizzly rose, a dance club in colorado. omg, these girls are fun!

just an average trip to the supermarket in colorado. view from the parking lot.

my cousin, Neal's, modeldog, Jacoby.

HAHAHA. we get pretty silly when we're tired. actually, we're pretty silly all the time...

Carrie, Kim, and i waiting for every one else to get there so we could go to the rose (different night).

Kim's room. this is only part of the excellence that lines her walls.

we (and about 8 other people) were watching Jennifer's Body and trying to be scared. it didn't work.

my camera. it's a.... it's pink. that's all i really know about it. it takes pictures, i attempt to upload them... yeah. like i said, i know nothing about technology.

the view from the guest bathroom window at my aunt's house. my little pink camera isn't high-tech enough to get all the details of this amazing view, but that dark skyline is the rocky mountains.

view of the sky from my window seat on the plane ride back to Texas. so pretty!!

so this weekend was girly/burly weekend at my church. this is our version of disciple now. i was a sponsor for the 8th grade girls. this was one of my girls, named Aubrey. i think she should be a model.

-pictures from saturday and sunday are currently unavailable as they were taken with some one else's camera. if i get hold of them, though, i will post them.-

so this kind of sort of not really goes with the theme of "home" this week. this is a painting i did OF a home, and it's hanging IN my home, sooooo, yes? anyway, i painted this for a Texas history project in 7th grade with help from my grandmother and even my grandfather. i'm only in the picture because, well, i look cute today and so yeah.

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  1. Day...10? looks like you have purple hair. IS IT TRUE?! -Kristen