Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kristen: 10/365

Hello. My name is Kristen Brown. I am 27 and living in a SW surburb of Houston. I am a chemical engineer graduate from Texas A&M working at a chemical plant with my Computer Engineer husband (whom I met at A&M). We became home owners in 2009 and today I bought a bicycle. The camera I will be using this year is a Christmas present from my huband, a blue Canon powershot 'Digital Elph.' It is a very simple point and click type, which is all I plan on needing. Any special effects or editing on my photos will be done with MS paint. I like to keep it old school that way.
I grew up in a south dallas suburb with my parents and two brothers (the oldest is participating as Mike) and a cat. I was very strong in academics and a band nerd (percussion). In college I joined Percussion Studio, where I made a lot of good friends, including Amanda.
I enjoy reading, watching hilarious television, playing World of Warcraft and Beatles Rockband. I have a very large collection of novelty socks. I host my own blog project, Question of the Day?, on Blogger under the pseudonym 'The Asker,' explaining why that name shows up as the poster's name instead of Kristen.


  1. A bike? Are you following in the steps of your brother?

  2. Not at all. This is a ride-around-the-neighborhood bike. NOT a multimile-wear-some-bikers-shorts bike