Friday, January 8, 2010

Mike: 365 - 8

Boy.. this can can get out of control really quick. (must try and upload everyday!)

365-8 Photo 365-8
The Stars Win! (Friday 1-8). Suite seats. Very nice!


  1. Hey mike, nice gear. I have the 70-200 as well. Sweet lens.

    Hey just curious on your setup it looks like you are posting on Flickr on a non-Pro account. Will you be able to see these pictures here once you pass the 200 limit (or whatever it is). Perhaps that limit is only applied to the photo stream, but not to sets or direct linking. I might switch that route if you have some insight...

  2. A nerds car? Really? Who does that?

  3. someone awesome, that's who. i wonder if they keep a supply of nerds in the car.

    I love the pond shot and the fact that the ducks are still hanging out. Did they seem confused?

  4. Asker... those did, but some didn't.. silly ducks.

    Kevin.. I have a flickr pro account so it shouldn't matter. but... if a free user has more than 200 photos on the site, they will only be able to see the most recent 200 in their photostream. The other photos that were uploaded are still stored on the site and links to these images in blog posts remain active.(from flickr info)