Monday, March 1, 2010

Amanda: Day 60. Smoke on the Water.

From Amanda's 365 Project

It was a little chilly today and somehow that correlates to the refineries having white smoke in the air. As I was driving over the Ship Channel Bridge in Houston the vast amount of white smoke in the air was picturesque. However, it's very hard to take a picture on a bridge, while driving, with no shoulder. Not that I would do that of course. But here's the best panoramic view I could manage today.


  1. That's steam! not horrible no good polluting smoke - which is what a lot of misinformed news stories can claim.
    Refineries/Plants use A LOT of steam as an energy source instead of electricity. It's more reliable and powerful. But when excess is vented, especially on cold days, the water vapor condenses to white puffy clouds.

  2. kristen, i always think of you when i'm driving by the plants down here. i check to make sure that the cloud is white; otherwise, i hold my breath while i'm passing it. :-)

  3. I did not realize that...thanks for the info, Kristen and nice picture, Manny. ;)