Monday, May 3, 2010

Jenna. May 1. [Colby] cars.

Another Zoolander pose. :)

A lot of people ask me if Colby is still into cars. He started playing with Matchbox cars when he was 9 months old - when strangers told me, "Watch out for those things; they're choking hazards." Colby never did put them into his mouth, he just wanted to watch the wheels turn. He would lay his head down on the floor to watch the wheels turn as he'd move the cars over the carpet.

He still does all these things. Now, he has taken to racing larger cars across the floor. This white car is quite a hazard if you come into its path. Colby has also placed a love for cars in his sisters. This is why I always wanted an older brother. But I sure do love my Bubba.

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